Alone Again


Someone reminded me to write some more for my blog so I'll do it tonight..
I'm not doing too well lately. Stressed about not having a job,
And two months ago I passed one year without one.

Then they broke up with me. Romantically.
But we parted on good terms. I still want to talk with them though.

But somehow I'm scared to do so...
I still have some scars from the past, which I don't want to elaborate.
Less it's being talked, the better it is for me.
But it still affected me quite a lot. I tend to think that people are inherently bad, for example.
Or wish to harm me..

On a lighter note, I started to read Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.
It feels like that manga is meant for me. I love that exact genre, and the setting too.
Somewhat has a josei feeling on it, but definitely slice of life.
An android girl and a human community trying to live peacefully during the twilight of humanity,
Due to climate change. I do think we'll end up like that eventually.

It's quite sad but romantic if it really happens though,
Think about it. Humanity that could find peace while waiting for their eventual demise..
Seems that the saying which goes like this is true..
"People only wisen up when they're about to die.".
Which is not the exact word per word, but that how the gist is like.

While reading it and enjoying the setting, it reminds me of that particular concept I learned from back in the day.
Positive nihilism. I still trying to hold into it, but the world is too grim to think deeply about.
It's getting very difficult to hold into it, due to life circumstances..

Oh well someday I'll have enough money to buy the second edition of that manga...

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