Living Room Ruminations.


I walked into the living room.
Several photos are on the wall.
One of them is my graduation photo from high school in 2019.
And above it, is my graduation photo from middle school in 2016.
Others, are family photos. Every single of them is old.

I sat on the sofa.
Opened my smartphone, checking emails.
"I wonder if the job practice notice would come today. Seems not."
"Yeah, it's not today."
Then I check Whatsapp.
Saw several familiar faces. One is from my high school.

"I wonder what's happened to him, what was his name.."
Then I realized, Seems that I've started to forgot names about my class from HS.
Not that I'm complaining, and it's to be expected.

Strangely I remember much more about middle school.
Sure, it's full of spartanism and.. violence.
But I miss it. There's a sense of community with all that mess going on.
Meanwhile, I don't feel any good things from HS.
Nothing for me there.

My birthday is nearing. On 28th of September, I'll turn 21.
Perhaps if I could, I'd love to be tipsy at that day.

Then I realized.. I'm alone.