Talking about movies, I don't really like recent ones.
Especially Marvel, I find it really boring.
But I don't really like action movies except select few,
Such as Godfather series, but it's not really an action movie either.
It's really used sparingly, and critical for the plot..

I love Japanese movies too, but only from the 1950s period,
1950s was called as the "Golden Age of Japanese cinema".
I think that moniker is justified though.

There's a lot of masterpieces coming out during that period,
Such as Ikiru, Rashomon, Tokyo Story, etc.
You might be familiar with Rashomon though.
There's an effect named after it, it was called Rashomon Effect.
The wikipedia says:
"The Rashomon effect is a term related to the notorious unreliability of eyewitnesses.
It describes a situation in which an event is given contradictory interpretations or descriptions by the individuals involved."

But I love Ikiru the most.
It was about an old man dying of cancer,
And he regrets that he didn't live his life until found out about it.
It was quite a cautionary tale, truth be told..

I don't want to live until I was 60 and wake up finding out
That I have an uncurable disease, and I'll die soon enough.

I remember about this quote from the movie,
“ecce homo, this man bears a cross called cancer. He is Christ.”

Oh and this one,

"Novelist : That's not art. A striptease isn't art. It's too direct.
It's more direct than art. That woman's body up there? It's a big juicy steak.
It's a glass of gin. It's a hormone extract. Streptomycin. Uranium!
Old man : OOOOHHHh!!"

I highly recommend watching it. Can't stress it enough..

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